Custom products

Amisco is specialized in the development of custom products, based on specific requirements, in combination with our standard product range.

We work together with our customers at all stages of production, from conception and development to the realization of the final product, which is delivered together with a complete PPAP in line with the latest automotive standards.

We use CAD design software to provide to our customers the technical documentation and support needed to develop the finished product, providing 3D models as well as 2D drawings.

In addition, we have a dedicated software to simulate product performance and anticipate possible malfunctions, and an in-house laboratory where we can perform a wide range of tests, both for homologation and product life.

Pneumatic valves

From many years we have had a wide range of products, from a single coil to a complete pneumatic valve, developed together with our customers, based on their specific requirements.

Coils for hydraulics

Amisco's customized coils for the hydraulics sector are used in mobile applications, construction machinery, trucks, and all contexts where power and reliability are indispensable for the correct operation of devices.

Coils for Automotive

Amisco designs and develops coils and valves for automotive and truck applications, supporting customers in all stages of project development up to the finished product.

Coils for Gas and Heating applications

We have always worked with leading manufacturers of gas valves and burners with single, double or triple coils.

Coils for different applications

Amisco designs many different solutions, customized to be used on special high-tech applications.

Coils for solenoid valves

Design and manufacture customized coils for fluid control has always been part of Amisco's core business.

Valves for medical applications

Valves for medical applications are the latest new Amisco's customised design and production.