Standard Hydraulics
EVI 3 - Coil System

The EVI3 coil system by AMISCO includes a wide range of electrical coils suitable for cartridge valves for mobile hydraulic and pneumatic applications.

The EVI3 coils are designed to fit most of the current applications and offer a choice of electrical terminations like DIN 43650 (EN 175301-803 ISO 4400), Kostal M27x1, AMP Junior, Flying Leads, AMP Superseal, Metripack, Deutsch and ISO 15170.

  • The EVI 3E coil is designed to fit solenoid tubes with Ø=14mm.
  • The EVI 3P coil is designed to fit solenoid tubes with Ø=16mm.
  • The EVI 3D coil is designed to fit solenoid tubes with Ø=19mm (3/4 inch).

These coils can be manufactured with different powers or characteristics upon customer request.

evi3.png evi3_m.png


  • Heat resistant bobbin moulded with 30% glass filled thermoplastic polyester material
  • Class H 200°C wire according to IEC 60317-13
  • Built-in magnetic yoke made by low carbon iron
  • Encapsulation with high quality custom designed glass filled nylon or thermoplastic polyester
  • Copper and plastic material used are UL-Listed

The use of other materials is possible upon special agreements. Coils are rated to Class F for continuous service. These coils are designed in accordance to EN 60204.1 and VDE 0580.

Coil can be supplied and marked EAC for use in Russian Market. More details about EAC certification can be given on customer request.