Standard Pneumatics

Amisco offers a complete and reliable range of products for Pneumatic applications: coils, operators and pilot valves to meet the different needs of the market. We work together with our customers to develop advanced products to meet application needs. Our team is at your disposal to find solutions adapted to your needs.

Pilot Valves

A complete range of pilot valves for any applicaiton needs, 100% made in Italy, tested to rigorous standards to guarantee brilliant performance and reliability, as well as perfect management of the pneumatic circuit, with particular attention to energy saving.

We ensure high qualitative standards, wide availability of choice, technical assistance in the various phases, from design to finished product.

Coil system

Coils developed for numerous application: industrial, medical, automotive, railway, and many more.

In addition to standard voltages, we offer to our customers dedicated coils according to specific requirements.

Solenoid operators

The operators are the heart of every solenoid.

Manufactured from stainless steels specifically chosen for their magnetic characteristics and supplied with brass or stainless steel tubes suitable for extreme working conditions.

The use, our operators can be used in a wide temperature range, from -40°C to +200°C.

The operators are available in both flange and thread versions to meet different application needs.

Explosion proof

Amisco offers a range of products designed and approved for use in hazardous , potentially explosive environments.

Our coils are approved according to 60079, and also meet IEC EX, Atex, CCC and Inmetro certifications.